Good Practices

Handbook of mapped good practices

Good practices, experiences and ethical/behavior codes among partner organizations, relevant local, national and European stakeholders. Good practises were mapped on enhancing education success and social inclusion, promoting volunteering among young athletes in grassroots sports, as well as positive synergies and collaboration between sport and formal education.

Good practices and proposals from teachers and coaches

Proposals gathered from teachers and coaches by the contextual survey (see below) on improving social inclusion through grassroots sport.

Context Analysis

Context analysis (2017-2018) for the PLAY! project

Contextual survey about school integration, social inclusion and participation in sports activities of the project target groups: children and youth at risk of marginilisation. The main aim of this survey was to identify the most widespread and relevant difficulties in learning, on the one hand, and main causes that exclude some target groups from the access and the practice of sport activities. Data was gathered in 2017 by separate questionnaires to teachers, pupils/students and coaches.

Infographics of the project


Final Evaluation Report

Initial and Intermediate Evaluation Report


“Education & Sport” volunteering model implemented with tool kit and materials