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  • TPSR is a curriculum and instructional model where physical activity is used as a vehicle to teach students various life skills that they can practice in the gym and transfer to other settings such as school, community, and home life.
  • We feel that using TPSR model in a sport session can i.a.
    • help children with behavioral problems (i.a. hyperactivity, inattention, etc.) to learn to calm down, concentrate, participate better and respect others, which will in turn reflect positively to their performance in school class.
    • help children in a disadvantage position with regard of their language skills and/or social status
      • to participate
      • to set and reach goals
      • to learn to express their opinions and
      • to evaluate themselves.
  • TPSR has been field tested in school-based physical education as well as in after-school and community-based programs.
  • The base of empirical and theoretical literature supporting the model is rapidly expanding. Read more ….
  • The ultimate aim of this model is to help students develop themselves as people, learning to be responsible for the ways they conduct themselves and treat other people.

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