Teaching concentration skills and perseverance

Teaching concentration skills and perseverance


– Teaching concentration and perseverance  ​
– Using music in sport sessions to enhance concentration
– Teaching the main techniques of basketball with the use of Music also helps children to combat discomfort in the context of inclusion ​


  • Working on personal skills without the ball / with ball
  • Acquisition of the postural abilities of the body on the playing surface through music
  • Improvement of the 4 basketball fundamentals: Passing, Dribbling, Shooting and Fundamental position through the use of music
  • Developing emotional and motivational goals of the athlete / team


Shooting exercises

All through the different types of music no more than 2 minutes for each exercise

The evolutionary processes in children through these exercises with the use of musical rhythm can produce:

  • Entertainment
  • Self-motivation
  • Management of physical fatigue
  • Improving creativity
  • Creation of new exercises to the rhythm of music with the ball
  • Freedom of Movement and Discovery of the movement to the rhythm of music


Target athletes: 11/15 years


The equipments necessary for the activity of Basket Music are as follows:

  • notebook / MP3 player
  • 3 preamplified directional speakers
  • cables for boxes, power supply, etc.
  • n. 1 wireless radio microphone
  • n.1 Software for managing mp3 music tracks (no license)

Choosing music

Definition of the musical genre and attribution of the musical piece for the type of result to be achieved

  • the choice of songs is personal – depending on the musical taste of the coach.
  • An important element is the knowledge of the group with which you will relate, and depending on the variables expressed by the group of athletes, it is possible to define a playlist but
  • it is advisable to understand which objectives you want to achieve in the group of athletes available.


1) high impact music play list to improve the athlete’s coordination skills -> Disco / HipHop

2) motivate the group of athletes to increase self-esteem -> Rock

3) improvement of space / time through the use of passage / dribble -> Pop / Reggaeton

Example sport session