Intercultural Approach and Communication

Intercultural Approach and Communication


This Learning Unit aims at providing young people (and not only!) working with kids and participants of activities in intercultural contexts as educators (coaches, tutors, mentors, etc…) to better understand their beneficiaries and develop an effective communication with them, as well as among them as team when working in intercultural teams.

Main topics:  

  • Promotion of the educational support through sport in multicultural contexts
  • Which are the main elements for an effective intercultural communication?
  • Which are the positive key subjects in the intercultural communication process?
  • Which are the strategies needed to help the intercultural communication process?
  • Exercise: Culturallye
  • Elaboration of emerged contents

Learning Outcomes:

  • Acquire concrete knowledge and tools to promote interaction among kids with different cultural, social background
  • Explore migration issues through cooperative, active and democratic learning methodologies
  • Acquire concrete digital tools on intercultural storytelling and communication


  • Interculture
  • Awareness
  • Respect
  • Critical thinking

How to follow this learning unit?

  • Read the learning materials of this topic by clicking open the title banners
  • See practical exercises and watch the video
  • Widen your resources and knowledge by checking the background reading materials

Background reading materials (optional):


To Intercultural Approach and Communication -presentation (preview below, NB: please use the presentation to be able to follow the links in the file )