Finnish PLAY volunteers presented their experiences from project in a workshop on November 6th targeted at educational institutions and sport organisations. In the workshop, presentations where also heard to promote awareness on EU guidelines on Physical Activity Guidelines volunteering in sport and education and training, to disseminate information about the PLAY method and to encourage cooperation. 

YAG volunteers had diverse reasons why they joined the project. Some wanted to learn more skills to work with children, some wanted to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Others where simply asked to join from their sport clubs and got curious and most were also interested in the possibility to travel to Italy and meet volunteers form other countries.

All of the volunteers were happy with the training they had got and felt that they had acquired plenty of new skills and experience as trainer, as well as psychological insight and patience to work with children.

They also appreciated the more systematical approach to planning the sport sessions presented by the project and responsibility based method as a valuable tool in this.

Notably, a few volunteers felt that the personal skills thy had acquired in the project counted most. The told that they had gained courage to be express their views more readily and even to be more social with their peers.

The presentations by the volunteers and trainer were well received by the participating representatives of sport clubs and educational institutions. Consequently FIMU received requests for possible collaboration in the future e.g. from other multicultural actors in sport as well as the Education Division of Helsinki.


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